#EthnicStudiesPHL Project

Ethnic Studies Philadelphia Project of Swarthmore College

January – May 2017

#EthnicStudiesPHL project description:

Working in conjunction with the Ethnic Studies and Education Course at Swarthmore College, the goal of the #EthnicStudiesPHL project is to bring together educators (early childhood-higher ed, and out-of-school educational programs) to explore and expand ethnic studies in the Philadelphia area.

Educators will be asked to:

  • meet once a month between late January and late April/early May.
  • partner with one or two Swarthmore students, where the student will work with the educator in designing a piece of curriculum (unit/lesson) for the educator’s class/group. Educators and Swarthmore students will collaboratively create a work plan for their specific project.  Educators can ask students to come and engage with their students a few times, or it can be primarily online communication.
  • Submit the project to the #EthnicStudiesPHL curricular clearinghouse that will be designed to support ethnic studies in the area.
  • Participate in a “Curricular Share” (Possibly in collaboration with the TAG Philly Conference) in late April


All are invited to participate in the Black Lives Matter Week of Action (Jan 23-28), begin organized by the Caucus of Working Educators Racial Justice Committee  https://www.facebook.com/events/147991625693546/

All are invited to the Philadelphia Black History Collaborative Conference on February 11: https://www.facebook.com/events/351225398590214/


Ethnic Studies & Education Course at Swarthmore College Description:

Why ethnic studies? What is the state of ethnic studies in US education today? This course is, first, an examination of the origins, theories, pedagogies, politics, and policies that have come to define ethnic studies in US education. What key historical events and struggles in U.S. society and education contributed to ethnic studies as a field and as curriculum. Colonialism, race, ethnicity, nationalism, diversity, inclusion, segregation, the school-prison nexus, community control, resistance, and survivance, are among the potential topics to be examined in relation to education policies and pedagogies in formal (N-Higher Ed) and informal settings (afterschools, CBOs, museums, social movements, etc). The goal of the course is to expose students to a Critical Ethnic Studies Framework for teaching and working for social justice. The goal of the project is to bring Ethnic Studies students and educators together to communicate to others in the Philadelphia area about the centrality of ethnic studies content, pedagogy and politics  through the creation of a digital clearinghouse on Ethnic Studies.

Link to Draft Syllabus can be obtained by emailing: emayorg1@swarthmore.edu


First Meeting

Tuesday, January 24th  (during the BLM Week of Action)

5:30 pm

The U School

2000 N. 7th Street, 2nd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19122

(Entrance on North Franklin Street)


Sponsoring Organizations

Philly Black History Collaborative, Teacher Action Group Philly and the Education in our Barrios Project.


Project Flyer



To register for the group go to



For questions, contact:
Dr. Edwin Mayorga of Swarthmore College

Email: emayorg1@swarthmore.edu

Phone:  610.957.6154

Twitter: @eimayorga, @BarrioEdPHL #EthnicStudiesPHL



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